As a formal wear specialist our staff will meet the needs of each individual - no matter what size they may be! All tuxedo styles are in stock for infants up to adult size 70 long.

As our founder, Norman, always said, "make them feel their best by making them look their best!" We ask our staff to imagine they are apart of the wedding, Then we expect them to ask themselves the question have we done everything possible to make this day special for the bride & groom? If they can answer yes then they have done their job well.

We have made it very easy for our customers to determine what style is best suited for their needs by making it possible to try on as many tuxes as they wish upon their first visit to our showroom. We have designer selections for both the classic and modern tastes. Available for fitting include Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Jean Yves, Perry Ellis, Claiborne & Ralph Lauren and more.

What sets us apart from our competitors? That is simple! Try walking into a tuxedo shop and pick a tux style to try on - most competitors can only show you a tuxedo on a display mannequin. At Norman's, we would rather try on the actual tux you want to see what you look and feel like with it on!  

Custom tailoring and same day dry cleaning service has always been apart of the Norman's tradition. With five locations on the south side of Chicago, our mission has always been to please our customers with fine dry cleaning service that they know and thrust. Our reputation is built on referrals - if our customers aren't satisfied, we aren't satisfied.     

Bridal gown alterations and dress preservation is also available. Discounts offered for dress preservation when wedding wear is rented from Norman's formal Wear.  

Contact us with questions or to submit measurements:

INFO@NORMANSFORMALWEAR.COM   Map & Directions: (To Locate click here)

Trusted family owned providing exceptional service for weddings & individuals since 1951 Located in Downtown Tinley Park

Shop Local! Why rent local over a nationwide Franchise? It is often  Thought by many grooms if they have a groomsmen in another state that it would be better to go with a nationwide franchise. Often when the out of town attendant comes in to pick up the tux they find that it does not fit and more shocking they have nothing in store to offer them as a replacement! This situation leads to a stressful wedding day as your attendant stands waiting for and overnight package to arrive only hours before the wedding only to be presented with a wrinkled garment not even sewn to his specs.

At Norman's our warehouse is on-site being able to make adjustments in minutes not days. By clicking the Out of town fitting link your attendants are able to locate thousands of locations to have their initial measurements taken free of charge.

Avoid hidden fee's that most tux shops don't include in their price quotes. Damage & Handling fee's are added to many rental agreements costing each person more per order than you were quoted Click here for a price comparison (Compare)